What Is Cost of Figma?

Figma is a free-to-use design tool that helps developers and designers create user interfaces for web and mobile applications. It has a powerful feature set and an intuitive user interface that makes it easy to create high-quality designs quickly.

Figma is built around collaboration, allowing teams to work together on projects in real time. It also has a great library of resources that can help speed up the development process. With its integrated version control system, design teams can easily keep track of changes made to their designs.

Figma also features an array of powerful features such as auto layout, vector network editing, symbols, components, and real-time collaboration. It also offers integration with popular tools like Sketch and Adobe Photoshop so users can easily transfer their existing projects without having to start from scratch.

Figma is available for free on the web or via its native app for Mac and Windows. The free version offers access to all the core features but with limited storage capacity and limited collaboration tools. There are several paid plans available with more advanced features such as unlimited storage space, team collaboration tools, priority support, and more.

What Is The Cost Of Figma?

Figma’s pricing plans vary depending on the number of users that need access to the tool. The free plan allows up to two users with limited access to features while paid plans range from $12/month (for three users) up to $45/month (for teams of 10 or more). These prices are subject to change so it’s best to check the Figma website for the most up-to-date information.


Figma is a powerful design tool with a feature set suitable for both small teams and large enterprises. Its cost varies depending on the number of users needing access but starts at just $12/month for three users with additional plans offering more features at higher prices.