What Is CTRL P in AutoCAD?

CTRL P in AutoCAD is a powerful keyboard shortcut that allows users to quickly access the print functionality within the software. It provides a convenient way to print drawings, layouts, and other design elements directly from AutoCAD. In this article, we will explore how to use CTRL P effectively and discuss some useful tips and tricks.

Using CTRL P

To use CTRL P in AutoCAD, simply press the Ctrl key on your keyboard and simultaneously press the P key. This will open the Print dialog box, where you can configure various settings before sending your drawing to the printer.

Print Settings

The Print dialog box offers a wide range of settings that allow you to customize your printouts according to your requirements. Here are some important options you should be familiar with:

  • Printer: Select the desired printer from the list of available printers connected to your computer.
  • Paper Size: Choose the appropriate paper size for your printout.
  • Plot Area: Specify whether you want to print the entire drawing or a selected area.
  • Scale: Set the scaling factor for your printout.
  • Plot Style Table: Select a plot style table that defines how colors and lineweights are interpreted during printing.
  • Plot Offset: Adjust the position of your drawing on the printed page.

Tips and Tricks

To make the most out of CTRL P in AutoCAD, consider these helpful tips:

  • Saving Print Settings: If you frequently use specific print settings, you can save them as a page setup. This allows you to quickly apply those settings in future print jobs.
  • Print Preview: Before sending your drawing to the printer, use the Print Preview option to get a visual representation of how it will look on paper.

    This can help you identify any issues or make adjustments if needed.

  • Batch Plotting: If you need to print multiple drawings at once, AutoCAD provides the Batch Plot feature. It allows you to select multiple files and apply the same print settings to all of them simultaneously.


CTRL P is a handy shortcut that simplifies the printing process in AutoCAD. By familiarizing yourself with its usage and exploring the various settings available in the Print dialog box, you can ensure accurate and high-quality printouts of your drawings.

Remember to utilize features like saving print settings, using print preview, and leveraging batch plotting to enhance your printing workflow. With CTRL P as your ally, printing in AutoCAD becomes a breeze!