What Is Different About Canva Pro?

Canva Pro is the upgraded version of the popular graphic design program, Canva. It provides users with many additional features and benefits that are not available in the standard version. Some of the most important advantages of Canva Pro include access to a larger library of tools and images, increased customization options, better collaboration tools, and improved customer support.

Library Of Tools
Canva Pro offers users access to a larger library of tools than what is available in the free version. This includes more fonts, shapes, and illustrations as well as new templates and designs.

This allows users to create more unique designs that are tailored to their needs. Additionally, it also provides access to a stock image library with over two million photos, illustrations, and graphics.

Increased Customization
In addition to having access to more tools and images, Canva Pro also provides users with increased customization options. This includes features such as adding layers and track changes which allow for more precise editing of designs. Additionally, it also allows for batch editing which can save time for those who need to make multiple changes at once.

Better Collaboration Tools
Canva Pro has improved collaboration tools compared to the standard version which makes it easier for teams to work together on projects. It has tools such as shared folders which allow multiple people to work on the same design at once as well as real-time chat capabilities which makes communication much easier in remote teams.

Improved Support

Finally, Canva Pro also provides its users with improved customer support compared to the free version. This includes access to premium support channels such as live chat or phone support if needed which can be helpful when dealing with any technical issues that may arise while using the program.

It also provides access to specialized training courses so that users can learn how best to use all of its features and tools in order to create the best designs possible. Conclusion

In conclusion, Canva Pro is an upgraded version of Canva designed for those looking for increased customization options, better collaboration tools, and improved customer support. With its larger library of tools and images as well as its batch editing capabilities it is ideal for those who want more control over their designs or need help creating unique visuals quickly and efficiently.