What Is DimXpert SolidWorks?

What Is DimXpert SolidWorks?

SolidWorks is a powerful computer-aided design (CAD) software used by engineers and designers to create 3D models of products and mechanical components. One of the key features of SolidWorks is DimXpert, which is a tool used to define and communicate critical dimensions and tolerances directly on the 3D model.

Why Use DimXpert?

DimXpert helps streamline the design process by eliminating the need for separate 2D drawings. It allows designers to add dimensions and tolerances directly on the 3D model, saving time and reducing errors. With DimXpert, you can easily communicate design intent and manufacturing requirements, improving collaboration between designers, engineers, and manufacturers.

Key Features of DimXpert:

1. Automatic Dimensioning: DimXpert automatically applies dimensions to features such as holes, slots, and fillets. This saves time compared to manually adding dimensions to each feature.

2. Tolerance Stack-Up Analysis: DimXpert allows you to define geometric tolerances for features. It automatically calculates stack-up analysis based on these tolerances, ensuring that parts fit together properly during assembly.

3. Tolerance Display Options: You can choose how tolerances are displayed on the model – either directly on the feature or in a separate annotation view. This flexibility allows for clear communication of design requirements.

How to Use DimXpert:

Step 1: Enable DimXpert

  • In SolidWorks, open the part or assembly file you want to work with.
  • Go to the “Evaluate” tab and click on “DimXpert.”
  • The DimXpert toolbar will appear, indicating that DimXpert is enabled for the current document.

Step 2: Add Dimensions

  • Select the features you want to add dimensions to.
  • Click on the appropriate dimensioning tool in the DimXpert toolbar.
  • Drag and drop dimensioning tools onto the selected features.

Step 3: Define Tolerances

  • Select the dimension you want to define a tolerance for.
  • In the property manager, specify the tolerance type, value, and any other required parameters.

Step 4: Review and Modify Dimensions

  • You can review and modify dimensions by selecting them and using the property manager to make changes.


SolidWorks DimXpert is a powerful tool that allows designers to define critical dimensions and tolerances directly on 3D models. By eliminating the need for separate 2D drawings, it streamlines the design process and improves collaboration.

With its automatic dimensioning, tolerance stack-up analysis, and flexible display options, DimXpert enhances design communication and ensures accurate manufacturing requirements. Start using DimXpert today to take your SolidWorks designs to a whole new level!