What Is Figma Jam Used For?

Figma Jam is a user generated design challenge platform which allows designers from all over the world to collaborate, share ideas, and develop creative solutions. It is a great way for remote teams to come together for creative problem solving and explore new design approaches.

Figma Jam provides a virtual space for designers to upload their ideas and get feedback from other designers in the community. This helps to create an open dialog between people from different backgrounds, allowing them to mentor each other and learn from one another. Designers can also use Figma Jam as an outlet to showcase their work and gain visibility in the design industry.

Participants are given challenges which they must complete within a specified time frame. To take part, users must create a team of two or more members who will work together on the project.

Once the challenge is posted, teams will have 24 hours to submit their designs. These designs are then evaluated by a panel of experts who provide feedback and suggestions on how to improve them.

Designers can use Figma Jam as an opportunity to experiment with new tools, technologies, and processes. It also provides an excellent platform for networking with other designers around the globe and learning about different approaches to design.


Figma Jam is an innovative platform that encourages collaboration between designers from different backgrounds by allowing them to work on creative challenges together. It provides an excellent opportunity for users to network, experiment with new tools and technologies, and gain visibility in the design industry.