What Is Figma Mirror Used For?

Figma Mirror is a powerful tool that can be used for rapid prototyping, enabling designers to quickly and easily test their ideas. It allows for real-time collaboration between multiple users, allowing them to make changes to the design in an instant. With Figma Mirror, teams can work together on a single interface, eliminating the need for lengthy meetings or emails.

Figma Mirror allows designers to see their designs in action without having to create a physical prototype. It works by connecting directly to the design file hosted on Figma’s cloud-based platform. Designers can then view their designs in real-time on any device with a web browser such as a phone, tablet or laptop.

This makes it much easier and faster to test out ideas and get feedback from other users.

Figma Mirror also allows designers to share their work with others quickly and easily. By inviting users into the same file they can collaborate on the same design remotely, saving time and money that would otherwise have been spent travelling between locations or attending meetings. Additionally, if someone wants to make changes or add comments they can do so immediately without having to wait for everyone else’s input.

Figma Mirror is an invaluable tool for designers looking to save time and money while still being able to create high-quality prototypes quickly and easily. It has revolutionized the way teams work together on projects by allowing them to collaborate remotely in real-time while still having access to all of the latest features of Figma’s platform.


In conclusion, Figma Mirror is a powerful tool used for rapid prototyping that enables designers to quickly test ideas and collaborate with each other remotely. It eliminates the need for lengthy meetings or emails, making it easier and faster for teams to communicate and make changes in an instant.