What Is Mirror Command in AutoCAD?

What Is Mirror Command in AutoCAD?

In AutoCAD, the mirror command is a powerful tool that allows you to create mirrored copies of objects or parts of your drawing. This command is particularly useful when you want to create symmetrical designs or make modifications to one side of an object and have those changes reflected on the opposite side.

How to Use the Mirror Command

Using the mirror command in AutoCAD is quite straightforward. To access this command, you can either:

  • Type ‘MIRROR’ in the command line
  • Select ‘Mirror’ from the Modify panel in the Home tab
  • Use the keyboard shortcut ‘M’

Once you’ve activated the mirror command, follow these steps:

  1. Select the objects you want to mirror by clicking on them.
  2. Press Enter to confirm your selection.
  3. Specify a point as the mirroring axis by clicking anywhere on your drawing or by typing in coordinates.
  4. To flip your objects horizontally, select a point on one side of the mirroring axis. To flip vertically, select a point above or below the axis.
  5. Press Enter again to complete the mirror operation.

Note: If you want to create multiple mirrored copies, simply repeat steps 1-5 after completing your first mirror operation.

Tips for Using the Mirror Command Effectively

To make full use of the mirror command, keep these tips in mind:

  • Selecting Objects: You can use various selection methods such as window selection, crossing selection, or even selecting objects individually.
  • Reference Point: When specifying the mirroring axis, you can use an existing object as a reference point by snapping to it. This ensures accurate alignment.
  • Delete Original Objects: By default, AutoCAD keeps the original objects after mirroring. If you want to delete them automatically during the mirror operation, set the system variable ‘MIRROREXCLUDE’ to 1.


The mirror command in AutoCAD is a valuable tool that allows you to create symmetrical designs and make modifications efficiently. By understanding how to use this command effectively and utilizing the various options available, you can enhance your productivity and create visually appealing drawings with ease.