What Is New in Figma Beta?

Figma beta is the latest version of the Figma design platform. It introduces a range of new features and improvements that make it easier for designers to create beautiful designs.

New Features

Figma beta has several new features that allow for greater flexibility and creativity in design. There is now support for layers, which can be used to create 3D effects or even to separate different elements of a design.

The interface has also been improved, making it easier to manage multiple projects at once. Additionally, there are now tools for design automation, allowing complex tasks to be completed quickly and with ease.

Improved Performance

Figma beta also offers improved performance, with faster loading times and better performance when working with large files. This makes it possible for designers to work on large projects without experiencing any slowdowns or crashes. Additionally, the user experience has been improved with a more intuitive interface and better support for mobile devices.


Figma beta also includes integrations with popular third-party tools such as Sketch and Adobe XD, allowing designers to easily transition between different platforms. This allows them to take advantage of the best features of each platform while still being able to collaborate seamlessly across all of them.


Figma Beta provides a range of powerful new features and improvements that make it easier than ever for designers to create beautiful designs quickly and efficiently. With its improved performance, integrations with popular third-party tools, and intuitive user experience, Figma Beta is an excellent choice for any designer looking for a comprehensive design platform.