What Is Open Overlay on Figma?

Open overlay is a new feature on Figma that allows designers to collaborate with others in real-time. It allows multiple people to work together on the same project, and share their ideas, changes and feedback quickly and easily. With this new feature, teams can now work together on designs with less time wasted and fewer mistakes made.

Using Open Overlay, teams can create a project that everyone can access from any device in real-time. This means that no matter where each team member is located, they can still be part of the creative process. This also means that teams can keep track of who made which changes and give feedback quickly and efficiently.

Open Overlay also provides a way for teams to stay organized while working together on projects. Teams can assign tasks, comment on each other’s work and view progress as it happens. This helps keep everyone involved in the project up to date with what’s happening, resulting in a smoother workflow.

Open Overlay also offers a great way for designers to stay connected with their team during the creative process. They can communicate through comments, chat messages or video conferencing within the platform itself. This helps designers stay focused on their tasks without having to switch between different applications.

What Is Open Overlay on Figma?

Open Overlay is an innovative new feature from Figma that enables teams to collaborate on projects more efficiently by allowing multiple people to work together at once from any device. It provides an organized platform for teams to assign tasks, comment on each other’s work, view progress and communicate in real-time.

Open Overlay is an invaluable tool for helping designers create better projects faster by working together in real-time from anywhere.


Open Overlay is an amazing tool for making collaboration between designers easier than ever before.

It allows teams to work faster and make fewer mistakes by staying connected during the creative process, assigning tasks and tracking progress as it happens. Open Overlay is an invaluable asset for any designer looking to maximize their productivity.