What Is SolidWorks Simulation Premium?

SolidWorks Simulation Premium is a powerful tool that allows engineers and designers to simulate and analyze the behavior of their designs in a virtual environment. It provides advanced capabilities beyond the standard SolidWorks Simulation software, enabling users to perform complex simulations and optimize their designs for better performance and reliability.

Key Features of SolidWorks Simulation Premium:

1. Nonlinear Analysis: With SolidWorks Simulation Premium, you can analyze designs that exhibit nonlinear behavior such as plastic deformation, hyperelasticity, and large displacements. This feature is particularly useful for studying materials like rubber or metals subjected to high loads.

2. Dynamic Analysis: This feature allows you to evaluate the response of your design to dynamic loading conditions such as vibrations or impacts. By simulating real-world scenarios, you can identify potential weak points in your design and make necessary improvements.

3. Fluid Flow Analysis: SolidWorks Simulation Premium includes a comprehensive fluid flow analysis capability that enables you to study the behavior of liquids and gases within your design. You can analyze parameters like pressure, velocity, temperature distribution, and turbulence effects to optimize your fluid systems.

4. Thermal Analysis: This feature allows you to simulate heat transfer within your design and analyze its thermal performance. By studying factors like temperature distribution, heat flux, and convection effects, you can ensure that your design can withstand thermal loads without any issues.

5. Fatigue Analysis: SolidWorks Simulation Premium provides tools for fatigue analysis, which helps you assess the durability of your design under cyclic loading conditions. By considering factors like stress levels, material properties, and load cycles, you can predict the lifespan of your product and make necessary improvements to increase its longevity.

6. Optimization Tools: With SolidWorks Simulation Premium’s optimization tools, you can automatically iterate through different design configurations to find the optimal solution based on predefined objectives and constraints. This feature saves time by minimizing manual iterations while maximizing performance.

Benefits of Using SolidWorks Simulation Premium:

– Improved Design Efficiency: By simulating and analyzing your design before physical prototyping, you can identify potential issues early in the design process. This enables you to make necessary modifications and avoid costly design changes later.

– Cost and Time Savings: SolidWorks Simulation Premium helps you optimize your designs for better performance, durability, and efficiency. By identifying areas of improvement, you can reduce material usage, minimize manufacturing costs, and shorten product development cycles.

– Enhanced Product Reliability: Through comprehensive simulations, you can ensure that your design meets safety standards and performs reliably under various operating conditions. This minimizes the risk of product failures and enhances customer satisfaction.


SolidWorks Simulation Premium is a powerful tool that empowers engineers and designers to analyze their designs in a virtual environment. With its advanced capabilities such as nonlinear analysis, dynamic analysis, fluid flow analysis, thermal analysis, fatigue analysis, and optimization tools, it enables users to optimize their designs for better performance, reliability, and efficiency. By utilizing SolidWorks Simulation Premium as part of their design process, engineers can save time and costs while ensuring the overall quality of their products.