What Is the Best Cursive Font in Canva?

Cursive fonts are becoming increasingly popular for digital design. They give an elegant, sophisticated and artistic feel to any text.

Canva has some of the best cursive fonts available, offering a wide selection of options for any project.

The most popular cursive font in Canva is ‘Montserrat’. It’s a classic yet modern font with a unique style that stands out from other fonts.

It works well for titles and headlines and is also suitable for body text as it has a wide range of weights. The characters have a slightly condensed look which gives it more impact but still has a clean, legible appearance.

Another popular font is ‘Lobster’ which is great for creating logos and other graphics with a vintage or retro feel. The smooth curves and thin lines give it an old-fashioned vibe while still looking modern and stylish. It can be used to create stylish titles or logos with an antique touch.

Playfair Display is another great choice for creating aesthetically pleasing designs. Its thick brushstrokes give it an artistic feel while its ornate swirls make it look elegant and timeless. It works well for titles, logos or other graphics that need to stand out from the crowd.

Pacifico is perfect for creating fun, playful designs. Its bouncy curves give it an upbeat vibe that makes it great for children’s projects or other playful design elements like invitations or posters.


The best cursive font in Canva depends on the project you are working on and the style you are trying to achieve. Montserrat is the most popular option but there are plenty of other options available such as Lobster, Playfair Display and Pacifico which all offer unique styles that can add impact to any design.