What Is the Difference Between Paid and Pro on Canva?

Canva is an excellent design platform for creating visuals for print or digital media. It’s easy to use and offers a wide range of features and templates for creating stunning designs. But the question many people have is, what is the difference between Paid and Pro on Canva?

The main difference between Paid and Pro on Canva is the amount of access you get to their expansive library of images, fonts, and templates.

With a Paid account, you have access to the basic library with over 8 million photos, graphics, and illustrations; over 100 fonts; and thousands of templates. With a Pro subscription, you get access to an even larger library with over 60 million photos, graphics, illustrations; over 10 times more fonts than with a Paid account; and thousands of additional templates.

Another key difference between the two options is that Pro users can also access advanced editing tools such as photo effects and image masking that are not available in the basic version. As well as being able to upload your own images or logos directly from your computer into Canva without having to download them first. Plus Pro subscribers are able to create up to 100 team members on their account which makes it much easier for teams of people collaborating on projects together.


The price for a Paid account starts at $12.95 per month while the price for a Pro subscription starts at $30 per month. However there are discounts available if you pay annually instead of monthly.


In conclusion, Paid and Pro on Canva offer different levels of access to their library of images, fonts and templates as well as additional editing tools that are only available in the Pro version. The pricing also varies between the two options so it’s important to consider your budget when choosing which subscription would best suit your needs.