Where Are Figma Components?

Figma components are a powerful tool that give designers the ability to quickly and easily create interactive designs. The components are reusable elements that can be used in any project, and they can be customized to fit any design style. They can also be used to create complex user interfaces, such as those found in mobile applications or websites.

Figma components are created by the Figma team and are available within the software itself. They range from basic shapes and buttons, to more complex ones such as sliders, menus, and navigation elements.

With Figma components, designers have the ability to quickly put together a variety of user interface elements in a matter of minutes. This saves time and effort when creating designs for different projects.

The components available in Figma also allow for easy customization. Designers can adjust the size and color of elements to fit their project needs.

They can also add custom code or scripts to make their designs more interactive or dynamic. These features make it possible for designers to create unique experiences that stand out from traditional design projects.

Figma also provides access to third-party libraries of components that can be imported into projects. This makes it easier for designers to find existing pieces that match their project needs and save time on creating custom components from scratch. Designers can also use these libraries to discover new trends in UI design and find inspiration for their own projects.

Overall, Figma components provide designers with a great way to quickly create interactive designs without having to put too much effort into building each element from scratch. The wide range of components available within Figma helps ensure that there is something for everyone’s project needs and allows for easy customization so that unique experiences can be created with ease.


Figma Components provide an invaluable resource for designers looking for an easy way to create interactive designs quickly and easily without having to build each element from scratch. With access to numerous components already built into the software, as well as a wide selection of third-party libraries, anyone can find something suitable for their project needs with minimal effort.