Where Is Linetype File in AutoCAD?

Where Is Linetype File in AutoCAD?

AutoCAD is a powerful software tool used by architects, engineers, and designers for creating 2D and 3D drawings. One of the essential features of AutoCAD is its ability to define custom linetypes for various objects in a drawing. Linetypes are patterns that are applied to lines, arcs, and other geometric entities to enhance their visual representation.

By default, AutoCAD provides various pre-defined linetypes such as continuous, dashed, dotted, and center. However, there may be instances where you need to create your own custom linetype or import an existing linetype file into AutoCAD.

Locating the Linetype File

To import a linetype file into AutoCAD, you need to know its location on your computer. The default location for linetype files in AutoCAD can vary depending on the version of the software and your operating system. Here are some common locations:

  • Windows: C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD\\Support
  • Mac: /Users//Library/Application Support/Autodesk/AutoCAD /R/en-US/Support

Note that \ refers to the specific version of AutoCAD you have installed on your computer (e.g., R23.1), and \ represents your username on Mac.

Finding the Linetype File in Windows

If you are using Windows as your operating system, follow these steps to locate the linetype file:

  1. Open File Explorer by pressing Windows Key + E.
  2. Navigate to the C:\Program Files\Autodesk\AutoCAD\\Support directory.
  3. Look for a file with the .LIN extension. These files store custom linetypes.

Finding the Linetype File on Mac

For Mac users, here’s how you can find the linetype file:

  1. Open Finder and go to Applications.
  2. Locate AutoCAD in your Applications folder and right-click on it.
  3. Select Show Package Contents from the context menu.
  4. Navigate to /Contents/Resources/en-US/Support folder.
  5. You should find the linetype files with the .LIN extension in this directory.

Note: The path mentioned above is specific to en-US locale. If you are using a different language version of AutoCAD, replace “en-US” in the path with the appropriate locale code (e., “es-ES” for Spanish).

Importing Linetype Files

Once you have located the linetype file, importing it into AutoCAD is a straightforward process:

  1. Open AutoCAD and start a new drawing or open an existing one.
  2. Type ‘LTYPE’ in the command line or navigate to Home tab > Properties panel > Linetype drop-down menu > Other..
  3. In the Linetype Manager dialog box, click on Load.
  4. Navigate to the directory where you found the linetype file and select it.
  5. The imported linetypes will now be available for use in your drawing. You can assign them to objects using various AutoCAD commands such as LAYER, PLINE, or HATCH.

Remember to save your drawing after importing the linetype file to ensure that the custom linetypes are retained for future use.


Knowing where to find the linetype file in AutoCAD is essential when you want to import or create custom linetypes. By following the steps outlined above, you can easily locate, import, and utilize custom linetypes in your AutoCAD drawings. Take advantage of this feature to enhance the visual representation of your designs and make them stand out.