Where Is the Eyedropper Tool on Figma?

Figma is a powerful design tool for digital product designing. It is one of the most popular tools used by designers today. It has a wide range of features that makes it easy to create high-quality designs quickly and efficiently. One of the features of Figma is the Eyedropper Tool, which is an essential tool for designers who want to copy the color or style from one element to another.

But where exactly can you find this tool?

The Eyedropper Tool can be found in the top toolbar on Figma. It is located at the very end of the toolbar, after all other tools like shapes, frames, text, and more. To access it, simply click on the icon with a dropper symbol and this will open up a panel with all of the available colors you can use in your design. You can also use this panel to select colors from outside sources such as images or websites.

Once you have selected your desired color, simply drag it onto whatever element you want to apply it to and your design will be updated accordingly. The Eyedropper Tool makes it incredibly easy to keep consistency between elements in your design without having to manually pick out each individual color.


The Eyedropper Tool on Figma is an invaluable resource for designers who want to copy colors or styles from one element to another quickly and easily. It can be found at the end of the top toolbar and provides users with a wide range of options for selecting colors from any source.