Where Is the Frame in Canva?

Canva is a fantastic online platform for creating designs and artwork. It’s easy to use, and it’s free for everyone.

Canva is used by amateur and professional designers alike, and offers a wide variety of templates, images, and tools to help you create the perfect design. But one of Canva’s best features is its frames. Frames are like pre-defined shape designs that you can add to your designs to give them a professional look.

The frame feature in Canva is located in the left-hand side panel of the main canvas screen. When you select the frame option, you can choose from a variety of pre-defined shapes such as rectangles, circles, ovals, stars, and more.

You can also customize these shapes by changing their size, color, or adding effects like shadows or textures. Once you have selected your frame shape, you can add it to your design by simply dragging it onto the canvas.

Once you have added your frame to the canvas, you can further customize it by moving it around or resizing it with your mouse. You can also change its color or texture using the properties panel on the right side of the canvas. Additionally, you can add text or images inside the frame if desired.

Canva’s frames make it incredibly easy to give any design a professional touch without having to spend hours creating complicated shapes from scratch. They are quick and simple to use while still giving any design an added layer of visual interest.


Canva’s frames are an excellent feature that allows users to quickly and easily create professional looking designs without spending hours on tedious manual work. The frames are located in Canva’s left-hand side panel and come in various sizes and shapes which can be customized with different colors or textures. By adding frames to designs with Canva users can instantly give their projects a polished look.