Where Is the Print Button on Canva?

The Print Button is an essential tool when it comes to visual presentations. It is often the only way to get a document or image into a physical format, and it can be a great way to share your work with others.

Unfortunately, many users of the popular design platform Canva are unsure of where the Print Button is located.

The good news is that Canva does indeed have a Print Button – it just isn’t immediately visible on the user interface. To find the button, first select the image or project you wish to print from your Canva dashboard.

On the left-hand side of your screen, you will see a menu bar that includes several options such as “File” and “Edit”. Click on “File” and then scroll down until you see “Print” listed among other options.

Clicking on this will open up another menu with several printing options to choose from. You can choose whether you would like to print on standard paper or specialty paper, adjust your color settings, and even decide if you would like your image to be printed in full bleed (this means the image will go all the way to the edge of each page). Once you have made all of your selections, click “Print Now” at the bottom.

Once you click this button, Canva will generate a PDF of your project which you can save or print out immediately. Some users may also be able to send their projects directly to their printer by clicking on the “Print Now” option instead.

Finding the Print Button in Canva may not be immediately obvious but it is easy enough once you know where it is located. To access this button, select an image or project from your dashboard and then click on “File” in the left-hand side menu bar.

Scroll down until you see “Print” and then select your desired printing settings before clicking “Print Now” at the bottom. This will generate a PDF of your project which can be saved or printed out immediately.