Which AutoCAD Version Is Best for Interior Design?

When it comes to interior design, AutoCAD is one of the most popular software choices for professionals in the industry. With its versatile features and powerful tools, AutoCAD can greatly enhance the design process and help create stunning interiors.

However, with multiple versions of AutoCAD available, it can be confusing to determine which one is best for interior design. In this article, we will explore the different versions of AutoCAD and discuss their suitability for interior design projects.


AutoCAD LT is the more affordable and scaled-down version of AutoCAD. It offers many of the same basic features but lacks some advanced functionalities that may be crucial for complex interior design projects. While AutoCAD LT can still be useful for creating 2D drawings and basic floor plans, it may not provide the level of flexibility required for detailed 3D modeling or rendering.


  • Cost-effective option
  • Suitable for 2D drawings and simple floor plans
  • Easier learning curve for beginners


  • Limited 3D modeling capabilities
  • No rendering options
  • Lacks advanced features required for complex projects

AutoCAD Architecture

AutoCAD Architecture, also known as ACA or ADT (AutoCAD Architectural Desktop), is specifically tailored for architects and designers working on building designs, including interior spaces. This version of AutoCAD includes specialized tools and features that streamline the creation of architectural elements such as walls, doors, windows, and stairs. With built-in libraries of architectural objects and automated workflows, AutoCAD Architecture can greatly expedite the design process for interior designers.


  • Dedicated tools for architectural design
  • Efficient creation of walls, doors, windows, and other architectural elements
  • Automated workflows for faster design iterations


  • May have a steeper learning curve compared to AutoCAD LT
  • Focused primarily on architectural design rather than interior design specifics
  • Additional cost compared to AutoCAD LT

AutoCAD + Additional Plugins and Extensions

If you require more advanced features and capabilities beyond what AutoCAD LT or AutoCAD Architecture offer, you can consider using the standard version of AutoCAD along with additional plugins and extensions that cater specifically to interior design needs. These plugins can enhance your workflow, provide specialized tools for creating furniture layouts, generating realistic renderings, and even simulating lighting conditions.


  • Access to the full range of AutoCAD features
  • Ability to customize the software with plugins tailored to interior design
  • Potential for more detailed 3D modeling and rendering capabilities


  • Pricing can be higher due to the need for additional plugins and extensions
  • Might require a longer learning curve due to added complexity
  • Choosing the right combination of plugins can be overwhelming without proper guidance or research.

    In Conclusion..

    In summary, the choice of AutoCAD version for interior design depends on the specific requirements of your projects and your budget. If you are working on simple 2D drawings or basic floor plans, AutoCAD LT might be a suitable cost-effective option. However, for more complex projects that involve detailed 3D modeling and rendering, the standard version of AutoCAD or AutoCAD Architecture could provide the necessary tools and capabilities.

    Additionally, consider exploring additional plugins and extensions to further enhance your workflow and cater to specific interior design needs. While this may involve additional costs and a potentially steeper learning curve, it can unlock a broader range of possibilities for creating stunning interiors.