Which Is Better Canva or Ripl?

Canva and Ripl both offer mobile apps that allow users to create beautiful visuals for social media posts. Both apps are easy to use, have plenty of features, and are designed for all levels of design knowledge.

Canva is the more established app, with a wide range of features and templates, as well as a large library of images and illustrations. Ripl is the newer app on the block, but it has made quite an impact on the social media market by offering unique features such as animations and video templating.

Canva has the big advantage when it comes to templates; it has thousands of ready-made templates for users to choose from. These range from simple one-click designs to more elaborate custom designs that can be edited further.

There is also a huge library of stock images and illustrations that can be used in any design. The downside is that many of these images cost extra if you want to use them commercially.

Ripl’s strength lies in its animations and video templating. It offers a variety of animated effects, filters, and overlays that can be used to create stunning visuals for social media posts.

It also has some basic editing tools like cropping and rotating images, as well as adding text or logos. However, its library of stock images is much smaller than Canva’s.


When comparing Canva vs Ripl, it really depends on what you’re looking for in a design app. If you need lots of templates and stock images then Canva is your best bet; however if you’re looking for something more creative with animation capabilities then Ripl could be right up your alley. Both apps are great options depending on your needs!