Which Is Better Canva vs PicMonkey?

When it comes to creating graphics for your website or blog, there are two leading software programs that can help – Canva and PicMonkey. Both have their own strengths and weaknesses, which makes it difficult to decide which one is better.

Let’s start by looking at Canva. It is an online design program that is easy-to-use and intuitive.

It has a drag-and-drop interface and a library of templates, images and fonts that you can use to create professional looking graphics quickly and easily. You don’t need any prior design knowledge to use Canva, making it great for anyone who wants to create attractive graphics without having to learn a lot of technical skills.

PicMonkey is also an online design program, but with a slightly different focus than Canva. It has more advanced features than Canva and is designed for those who have more experience with graphic design.

It has more options for customizing your images, as well as tools for creating animations and collages. However, it does require more technical skill than Canva.

Overall Verdict:

When deciding between Canva vs PicMonkey, the choice will depend on your needs and experience level with graphic design. For those who need something easy-to-use but still effective, then Canva is the better choice. But if you want something with more advanced features then PicMonkey may be better suited for you.


Both Canva and PicMonkey are powerful tools that allow users to create amazing graphics quickly and easily. Depending on your needs and experience level with graphic design, one may be better suited than the other. However both programs provide a great way to create professional looking graphics without needing any prior design knowledge.