Who Can Comment on Figma Files?

Figma Files are a great way for teams to collaborate on projects, share ideas, and design together. It’s easy to keep everyone in the loop with updates and feedback, but it can be difficult to keep track of who can comment on a Figma File.

The first step in determining who can comment on a Figma File is to look at the file’s permission settings. If the file is set to “Public” then anyone with the link can comment on it. However, if the file is set to “Private” then only people who have been invited to collaborate or view will be able to comment on it. This makes it easy for team members and clients alike to view and comment on Figma Files without worrying about uninvited guests joining in.

For extra security, users can also limit commenting access by locking their files.

When a file is locked, only people with edit permissions will be able to view or comment on it. This ensures that only team members with the right permissions are able to see and provide feedback on the project. It also makes sure that any sensitive information stays secure within the team.

In addition to these settings, users also have the option of disabling comments altogether for certain files or folders. This allows them to control who has access and what kind of feedback they receive from others. It’s important for teams who want their workflows streamlined as well as those who want more control over their projects.


Who can comment on Figma Files depends largely on their permission settings and whether comments are enabled or disabled for specific files or folders. Those with edit permissions will always be able to view and comment while those without edit permissions may have limited access depending on whether the file is public or private. Ultimately, it’s up to users how they want handle commenting access, but having these options available ensures that teams have full control over their projects.