Who Is the Actress in the Canva Commercial?

The Canva commercial has been the talk of the town recently, and for good reason. It features a beautiful actress, whose name has been revealed to us. The actress in the Canva commercial is none other than Rebecca Black.

Rebecca Black is an American singer and actress best known for her 2011 single “Friday”, which went viral after its release. She began her career as a child actor in television series such as “Grey’s Anatomy” and “The Fosters”, as well as films like “Grown Ups 2” and “The House Bunny”. As an adult, she continues to act in various TV shows and movies, such as the Netflix series “13 Reasons Why”.

In addition to acting, Rebecca is also an accomplished singer. She has released several singles over the years, including “Satellite” and “My Moment”.

Her latest single, “Girlfriend”, was released in 2018 and reached number one on the iTunes Pop chart. She is also known for her podcast “Rebecca Black Talks Everything” which she hosts with fellow singer-songwriter Kina Grannis.

Rebecca Black’s appearance in the Canva commercial marks her first foray into advertising work. She stars alongside other celebrities such as Kylie Jenner and Jennifer Aniston in this campaign which aims to promote easy graphic design with Canva’s user-friendly tools. The commercial shows how easy it is to create stunning visuals with Canva’s drag-and-drop tools – perfect for businesses or individuals who want to create unique designs quickly and easily.

Rebecca Black is an accomplished performer whose star continues to rise with each new role or single she releases. Her presence in the Canva commercial offers further proof of just how much talent this young woman possesses – not only can she sing and act, but now she can help businesses create stunning visuals too!

In conclusion, Rebecca Black is the actress featured in the Canva commercial that has been gaining so much attention lately. She continues to show off her impressive range of talents through roles in film and television, music releases and now advertising work too!