Who Is the Owner of SketchUp?

Who Is the Owner of SketchUp?

If you are a 3D modeling enthusiast or professional, chances are you have come across SketchUp. This popular software has become a go-to tool for architects, designers, and hobbyists alike.

But have you ever wondered who is behind the creation and development of this powerful program? Let’s dive into the history and ownership of SketchUp.

The Birth of SketchUp

SketchUp was initially developed by @Last Software, a company founded in 1999 by Brad Schell and Joe Esch. Their vision was to create an intuitive 3D modeling software that would be accessible to everyone, regardless of their technical expertise.

With its user-friendly interface and robust features, SketchUp quickly gained popularity among professionals in various industries. Its ability to create detailed models quickly and easily made it a favorite among architects, interior designers, landscape designers, and even video game developers.

Google’s Acquisition

In 2006, Google recognized the potential of SketchUp and acquired @Last Software. This acquisition further propelled the growth and development of the software. Google saw SketchUp as an opportunity to expand its presence in the 3D modeling market and enhance its Google Earth platform.

Under Google’s ownership, SketchUp received significant updates and improvements. The software continued to evolve with new features such as photo-realistic rendering capabilities through integration with Google Earth’s satellite imagery.

Trimble Navigation Ltd Takes Over

In 2012, Trimble Navigation Ltd., a technology company specializing in positioning solutions, acquired SketchUp from Google. This move allowed Trimble to expand its geospatial portfolio and provide integrated solutions for professionals in various industries.

As part of Trimble’s portfolio, SketchUp gained access to advanced technologies and resources that further enhanced its capabilities. The software continued to evolve with new features and improvements, catering to the evolving needs of professionals in architecture, construction, engineering, and design.

Present Ownership

As of today, SketchUp remains under the ownership of Trimble Navigation Ltd. It continues to be a leading 3D modeling software used by millions of professionals worldwide.

In recent years, SketchUp has introduced subscription-based pricing models along with its perpetual licensing options. This new approach allows users to choose the pricing plan that best suits their needs while ensuring they have access to the latest updates and features.

In Conclusion

SketchUp, initially developed by @Last Software, has come a long way since its inception. With Google’s acquisition in 2006 followed by Trimble Navigation Ltd.’s takeover in 2012, the software has seen significant growth and development.

Today, SketchUp remains a top choice for professionals in various industries thanks to its user-friendly interface, powerful features, and continuous improvements. Whether you are an architect designing a building or a hobbyist creating 3D models for fun, SketchUp provides the tools you need to bring your ideas to life.