Who Will Acquire Figma?

Figma, a collaborative interface design and prototyping tool, is a popular choice among designers and developers. Founded in 2012 by Dylan Field and Evan Wallace, the company has been steadily growing and gaining traction in the industry. Recently, Figma has been rumored to be in talks with potential acquirers, as the company looks to expand its presence in the market.

The idea behind Figma is to provide an easy-to-use platform for designers and developers to collaborate on projects. It allows users to create high-fidelity mockups of their designs, share those with team members, and iterate quickly on them. The tool also allows for code-free prototyping, which makes it much easier for non-developers to get involved in the design process.

Figma is increasingly becoming an indispensable part of many design teams’ workflow. This can be seen by its impressive growth numbers; Figma now boasts 1 million monthly active users and over 2 million files being created every month on its platform. With this growth comes more attention from potential acquirers.

Recently, reports have suggested that Microsoft is interested in acquiring Figma. Microsoft already has some tools of its own that could be used for design collaboration such as Powerpoint, but these tools are limited compared to what Figma can offer. Acquiring Figma would give Microsoft access to an already established platform with a large user base.

Other potential acquirers include Adobe and Salesforce. Adobe recently acquired Magento for $1 billion and is now looking for more ways to expand its portfolio of products and services for creatives. Salesforce similarly wants to grow its product portfolio by adding more tools that can help customers create content faster and more efficiently.


It remains unclear who will acquire Figma at this point in time, but one thing is certain – there are many big names interested in this acquisition. With so much potential value at stake, it’s no wonder why the competition is so fierce between these tech giants who all want a piece of this promising company.