Why Are Fonts Not Available in Figma?

Figma is a popular design tool used by professionals and hobbyists alike. It is a collaborative vector graphics editor that allows you to create complex designs with the help of a variety of tools.

It also allows you to export your designs in various formats, such as PNG and SVG. One thing that Figma lacks, however, is the ability to add fonts to your design.

Fonts are an essential part of any design project and are used to convey a message or emotion in a visual way. Without fonts, a design can become bland and uninspiring. Unfortunately, Figma does not support fonts, which limits its capabilities as a design tool.

The main reason why fonts are not available in Figma is because it is not designed for typography. While it does offer some basic text tools such as alignment and kerning, it does not provide the features necessary for designing typefaces or working with existing ones.

Another reason why fonts are not available in Figma is because of the way it stores data. Unlike other vector graphics editors such as Adobe Illustrator or CorelDRAW, Figma stores all its data as vectors rather than text-based outlines.

This means that while you can still use typefaces within your design, they will be stored as vectors rather than actual font files which cannot be edited or manipulated in the same way that they can with other vector graphics programs.


In conclusion, fonts are not available in Figma due to its lack of typography features and its reliance on vector-based data storage rather than text-based outlines. This limits users’ ability to customize their designs with typefaces but does allow them to use typefaces within their designs regardless.