Why Canva App Is Not Working?

Canva is an online design platform used by millions of people around the world. It is a powerful tool for creating stunning graphics, logos, and images. Recently, many users have experienced issues with the Canva app not working properly.

The main issue appears to be related to the app’s ability to save and upload files.

Users are reporting that when they attempt to save their work or upload an image, they receive an error message saying “Something went wrong while saving your work.” As a result, users are unable to access their work or upload images.

In addition to the problems mentioned above, some users are also experiencing other issues such as slow loading times, difficulty connecting to the Canva servers, and various other bugs. These issues can make using the app extremely frustrating for users who rely on it for their design needs.

The Canva team is aware of these issues and is actively working on resolving them as soon as possible. They have released a few updates already in order to address some of these issues but more work needs to be done in order to fully fix all of the problems users are experiencing with the app.


Overall, there are a variety of issues that can cause Canva App not working properly. From saving and uploading errors to slow loading times and connection errors, Canva has acknowledged these problems and is actively working on resolving them as quickly as possible. While this process may take some time, it will eventually lead to a better user experience for all who use the app.