Why Did Canva Charge 119?

Canva recently made an announcement that it was going to start charging its users a fee of $119. This came as a shock to many of the business owners and entrepreneurs who have been relying on Canva for their graphic design needs.

Canva has been around since 2013, offering a free, user-friendly platform that allows users to create beautiful designs and presentations. It has become one of the most popular design software platforms on the market, with millions of people using it every day.

So why did Canva decide to start charging its users? The answer lies in the company’s desire to offer more features and services to its customers.

In order to do this, Canva had to hire more personnel, invest in more technology, and increase its marketing budget. All of these costs were passed onto the customers, resulting in the $119 charge.

The additional features that come with the paid version include access to all of Canva’s premium templates and images, unlimited downloads of designs, access to over 8 million photos and illustrations, and exclusive access to new content released every month. The company also offers discounts for yearly plans and discounts for non-profits.

In conclusion, Canva is charging $119 because they need more resources in order to continue offering users more features and services. By doing so they are able to provide users with greater value for their money while also allowing them access to premium content they otherwise wouldn’t have access too. It is an investment in their customer’s experience that will help them stay competitive in an increasingly crowded market.