Why Does My Canva Keep Crashing?

When you first experience an issue with Canva it can be quite a shock. The primary reason why Canva might be crashing is because of a corrupted file, an outdated version of the application, or incorrect settings. It’s important to understand why your Canva might be crashing in order to properly diagnose and fix the problem.

Corrupted Files

Corrupted files can cause issues with applications like Canva. These files are usually caused by either a virus or a software malfunction and they can cause your application to crash. To check for corrupted files, you should run a virus scan on your computer and check for any suspicious files that may have been created or altered by a virus.

Outdated Version

Canva is regularly updated with new features and bug fixes so it important to make sure that you are running the latest version of the software. If you are not running the latest version then this could be causing your application to crash. You can check which version of Canva you are running by heading over to the Help tab in Canvas and clicking on “About”.

Incorrect Settings

Sometimes incorrect settings in Canvas can cause your application to crash as well. To make sure that all of your settings are correct, you should open up the Settings menu from within Canvas and double-check all of your options.


In conclusion, there are several potential causes of why your Canva may be crashing including corrupted files, an outdated version, or incorrect settings.

It is important to identify the issue before attempting to fix it so as not to make any further damage. By following the steps outlined above you should be able to diagnose and fix any issues with your Canvas quickly and easily.