Why I Cant Fix Position When Scrolling Figma?

Figma is a powerful design tool used by professional designers to create digital products. It has become an essential part of the design process, allowing designers to create high-quality designs quickly and easily.

One of the most useful features of Figma is its ability to fix positions when scrolling. This allows designers to keep their design elements in place while making adjustments, which helps them stay organized and efficient.

However, fixing position when scrolling in Figma can be tricky. It requires a good understanding of how Figma works and the ability to read and interpret its code.

The first step is to understand how Figma stores information about the elements on your canvas. Each element has its own set of coordinates relative to the canvas size – these determine where it will appear on the page. You then need to use this information to adjust the position of each element as you scroll.

The next step is to create a function that will update each element’s coordinates as the user scrolls. This requires writing code that reads in each coordinate value and applies changes accordingly. It’s important to note that this code must be written for each individual element; if you want all elements on your canvas to move together, you’ll need separate functions for each one.

Finally, you need to add this function into your JavaScript file so it runs every time someone scrolls on your page. This can be done by adding an event listener that triggers whenever the scroll event occurs – this will ensure that all elements move as expected.


Fixing position when scrolling in Figma can be complicated due its intricate coding language which makes understanding it difficult for many users. Therefore, it requires a lot of effort, knowledge and skill in order for users to effectively fix positions when scrolling in Figma – making it an extremely challenging task for most people.