Why Is Figma Bad?

Figma is a graphical design software that is rapidly gaining popularity as an alternative to traditional desktop design applications like Adobe Photoshop and Sketch. It’s easy to use, supports collaboration, and works on any platform. However, many people have raised the question of why Figma is bad for certain use cases.

The first issue with Figma is the lack of features compared to other design software. While it does offer some basic features like vector editing and image manipulation, these are far from the level of sophistication offered by more established programs like Photoshop and Sketch. This means that for more complex designs or projects requiring a lot of detail, other programs may be better suited.

Another concern with Figma is its lack of compatibility with other software. For example, while it can be used to create images for webpages or apps, these images may not be compatible with other programs such as HTML editors or game engines. This means that if you need to make changes or adjustments to your design, you may need to create a new project in another software entirely.

Finally, Figma has a steep learning curve that can be intimidating to new users. While the basics of the program are relatively easy to understand, there are some more advanced features that require a lot of practice and experience before they can be fully utilized. This means that even experienced designers may struggle when first starting out with Figma.


Figma has become increasingly popular in recent years due to its ease of use and flexibility across different platforms. However, its limited feature set compared to established programs like Photoshop and Sketch can make it difficult for complex designs or projects requiring a lot of detail.

Additionally, its incompatibility with other software means it may not be suitable for certain tasks such as creating images for webpages or apps. Finally, its steep learning curve makes it difficult for even experienced designers to get up and running quickly with the program. All these factors contribute to why Figma is considered bad in certain use cases.