Why Is My Background Not Transparent in Canva?

Using Canva to create beautiful visuals can be a great way to improve your website, blog or social media presence. A common feature of Canva designs is the ability to make certain elements of the design transparent.

However, you may have noticed that when you try to make the background of your design transparent, it doesn’t seem to work. So why is my background not transparent in Canva?

The main reason why your background might not be appearing as transparent in Canva is because the software does not support transparency for certain file types. Specifically, it does not support transparency for .jpg files. JPGs are a type of image file that does not support transparency and therefore any backgrounds created using this file type will appear opaque instead.

Another potential issue could be with the size of your image file. If you are trying to use a large image as your background, then it could be too large for Canva’s system to handle and it will appear as an opaque background instead of a transparent one.

Finally, if you are using a PNG file as your background then there could be an issue with the format itself. PNGs are compressed files which can reduce their quality and cause them to appear blurry or pixelated on screen. If this is happening then it could be causing the background to appear opaque instead of transparent.


In conclusion, there are several reasons why your background might not be appearing as transparent in Canva. The first is that Canva doesn’t support transparency for .jpg files; secondly, if you’re using a large image then it could be too large for Canva’s system; and finally if you’re using a PNG file then its compression could reduce its quality and cause it to appear pixelated on screen instead of transparent.