Why Is My Video Taking So Long to Download on Canva?

It can be incredibly frustrating when you are trying to download a video from Canva, only to find it is taking an excessively long time. There are many reasons why this might be happening, and in this article we will explore them.

The most common cause of a slow download on Canva is an issue with your internet connection – if the connection is weak or unreliable, then it will take longer for the video to download. If you suspect this might be the problem, try connecting to a different network, or moving closer to the router.

Another reason why Canva might be taking so long to download a video is because of your computer’s processing power. If your computer doesn’t have enough RAM or storage space, then it can take much longer for videos to download.

This could be an issue if you are using an older device or if you have many applications open at once. It is recommended that you close any unnecessary applications and restart your computer before attempting to download the video again.

Finally, if the video file itself is large, then it may simply take longer for it to finish downloading no matter what speed your internet connection is. If possible, try compressing the file before downloading it in order to reduce its size and speed up the process. Additionally, certain browsers may also be more efficient at downloading large files – so try switching browsers if possible.


It can be incredibly annoying when Canva takes too long to download a video. The most likely causes are issues with your internet connection, insufficient processing power on your computer or simply that the file size of the video itself is too large. To resolve this problem, try connecting to a different network, closing unnecessary applications on your device and compressing the file before downloading.