Are Canva Greeting Cards Folded?

Canva greeting cards are the perfect way to share your messages with friends, family and business associates. Whether you’re celebrating a special occasion or trying to find the perfect way to say “thank you”, Canva greeting cards provide a unique, personalized way to do so. But one question people often ask is: Are Canva greeting cards folded?

The answer is yes! Canva greeting cards are folded in order to give them a nice finished look. The standard size for all Canva greeting cards is 4.2 x 5.5 inches when folded, which makes them great for mailing or displaying in an album or frame.

When designing your own custom Canva greeting card, you’ll be presented with two options: single-sided and double-sided designs. If you choose the single-sided option, your design will be printed on one side of the card and it will be blank on the other side. The double-sided option allows you to print your design on both sides of the card.

In addition to folding your finished Canva greeting card, you can also choose from a variety of paper types and finishes that will give your card an extra bit of shine or texture. Some popular paper types and finishes include matte, glossy, pearlized and textured matte.

For those who want to add that extra touch of personalization, Canva also offers custom envelope printing services. You can upload your own design or create something from scratch using their online tools.



Canva greeting cards are folded in order to give them a nice finished look. They come in standard size 4.5 inches when folded and are available in both single-sided as well as double-sided designs with a range of paper types and finishes for further customization options. You can even get custom envelopes printed with your own design or one created from scratch using their online tools!