Are Figma Teams Free?

When it comes to collaboration tools, Figma Teams is one of the best. It allows users to design, prototype, and share their ideas with others in an intuitive and easy-to-use way. But is it free?

The short answer is yes!

Figma Teams provides a free plan that allows up to two members on a team with unlimited projects, files, and pages. This makes it ideal for small teams who just want to get started with Figma. It also includes basic collaboration features such as commenting and feedback management.

That said, the free plan does come with some limitations. For example, without upgrading your plan you won’t be able to access version history or have access to more advanced collaboration features like task management or project templates.

If you need more than two members on your team then you’ll need to upgrade your plan. There are three different pricing tiers available including Pro ($12/person/month), Organization ($45/person/month), and Enterprise (custom pricing). Each tier offers different levels of features and support.


In conclusion, Figma Teams is free for up to two members on a team but comes with some limitations. Depending on your needs you may need to upgrade your plan in order to access additional features or support.

Are Figma Teams Free?

Yes, Figma Teams provides a free plan for up to two members on a team with limited features and collaboration tools.