Can Adobe XD Open Figma Files?

Adobe XD and Figma are two popular UI/UX design tools used to create interactive designs for websites and mobile applications. Both tools have their own advantages, but what if you want to share a design between the two? Is it possible to open a Figma file in Adobe XD?

The answer is yes – it is possible to open a Figma file in Adobe XD. Adobe XD supports the import of files created in other design tools such as Sketch, InVision Studio, and Figma. All you need to do is open the desired Figma file in Adobe XD and it will be displayed as a series of frames with all the elements intact.

Adobe XD also allows users to export designs created in Adobe XD as .fig files that can be opened in Figma. This makes collaboration between designers easier since they can share designs back and forth without having to recreate them from scratch.


In conclusion, it is possible to open a Figma file in Adobe XD and export an Adobe XD design as a .fig file for use in Figma. Both tools are powerful UI/UX design tools with unique features that make them ideal for different types of projects. With the ability to share files between the two, collaboration between designers becomes much simpler.