Can Canva Remove Background From Video?

Canva is a powerful design tool that helps you create visually appealing visuals for various purposes. It is used by many professionals to create logos, posters, flyers, and other marketing materials. While it is an excellent choice for creating images, many people wonder if Canva can be used to remove backgrounds from videos.

The answer is yes – Canva can remove backgrounds from videos! Canva provides a feature called ‘Background Remover’ which allows users to edit the background of their video without affecting the main content.

This feature makes it easy to remove any unwanted elements from the background of your video, such as buildings or trees. Additionally, the Background Remover also makes it possible to add new backgrounds to your videos with just a few clicks.

When using Canva’s Background Remover feature, you will first need to select the area of your video that you want to edit. Then, use the built-in tools in Canva to blur or erase the background within that selection.

You can also use tools like brightness and contrast sliders to adjust the overall look of the background. Finally, you can save your edited video with its new background applied in various formats such as MP4 or AVI.

Canva’s Background Remover feature is extremely user-friendly and makes it easy for anyone – regardless of their design experience – to edit their videos’ backgrounds quickly and easily. This feature has been praised by many users who appreciate its straightforwardness and simplicity and have found great success with it when editing their videos’ backgrounds.


In conclusion, Canva’s Background Remover feature makes it possible for anyone to remove backgrounds from their videos quickly and easily without needing any prior design experience or knowledge. This feature has been widely praised by users who find its user-friendly interface intuitive and straightforward.