How Do I Set Font Styles in Figma?

Fonts are an essential part of any design project. They can set the tone for your project, create visual interest, and help you communicate your message. Figma is a powerful design tool that makes it easy to customize and style fonts for your projects.

To set font styles in Figma, you first need to select the text layer you want to style. This can be done by clicking on the text layer in the Layers panel or selecting it from the canvas.

Once selected, you can access styling options for the text layer in the Text section of the Properties panel on the right side of the screen. Here, you will find all of the font styling options available including font size, line spacing, letter spacing, font weight (boldness), font family, alignment, and color.

You can also use Figma’s character styles feature to apply font styles quickly and easily across multiple layers at once. To do this, select all of the text layers that you want to apply a style to and then click on Character Styles in the Properties panel at the top right corner of Figma’s screen. A drop-down menu will appear where you can create new or existing character styles or apply existing styles to multiple layers at once.

Figma also allows you to copy a specific style from one layer and paste it onto another layer quickly and easily without having to manually adjust each setting one by one. To do this, select both layers (the source layer from which you want to copy a style and Target layer that you want to paste it onto).

Then click on Copy Style in the Text section of Properties panel on the right side of Figma’s screen. The copied style will then appear on all selected layers simultaneously.

Figma also allows users to use HTML tags such as ,and

to add styling directly into their text blocks through HTML code view mode. To enable HTML code view mode; select a text block and scroll down in Properties panel until you find Code View option where you can toggle between Normal View (visual editor) and Code View (HTML editor). Once Code View is enabled; users can add HTML tags around their text blocks for direct styling instead of manually adjusting each setting one by one using visual editor mode.


Figma makes it easy for designers to customize their fonts and apply styling quickly and easily across multiple layers at once with its character styles feature or by copying/pasting existing styles from other layers or adding HTML tags through code view mode.