Can I Add Video to Figma Prototype?

Figma prototype enables designers to create interactive prototypes to test their designs. It allows users to add images, text, and buttons to their designs and view them how they would appear in the final product.

But what about video? Can you add video to Figma prototype?

The answer is yes! Figma recently released an update that allows users to add videos to their prototypes.

This new feature allows designers to create interactive videos for their prototypes in order to help test out animations or other interactive elements. Videos can be added via a URL or by uploading a file directly into the prototype.

Adding videos to Figma prototype is quite simple. All one needs to do is select the ‘Video’ icon from the toolbar and then either paste in a URL or upload a file from your computer.

Once added, you can customize the size and position of the video within your design canvas. You can also customize the playback options such as autoplay, looping, and volume control.

Benefits of Adding Video

  • Interactive Animations: Adding video into your prototypes helps bring them to life by allowing designers to view any animations or transitions that are part of their design.
  • Realistic Testing: With video added into your prototypes, you can more accurately test how users may interact with your product when it is finished.


  • File Size Limit: Videos must be under 50MB in size in order for them to be uploaded into Figma prototype.
  • No Playback Controls: Unfortunately due to technical limitations, there are no playback controls available when viewing videos within Figma Prototype.

In conclusion, adding videos into Figma Prototypes offer many advantages such as allowing for more realistic testing and giving users the ability to view interactive animations. However, there are some limitations such as file size limits and lack of playback controls that should be taken into consideration when using this feature.

Conclusion: Yes, you can add video to Figma Prototype but with some limitations such as file size limit and lack of playback control options. This feature offers many benefits such as allowing for more realistic testing and giving users the ability to view interactive animations.