Why Won’t Canva Save My Video?

Canva is an online graphic design platform for creating stunning visuals for a variety of purposes. It’s used by businesses, bloggers, influencers, marketers, and more to create beautiful images and videos.

There are millions of users who use this platform every day to make their content stand out. However, despite its popularity and easy-to-use features, Canva can sometimes be tricky when it comes to saving videos.

When you create a video in Canva, the platform provides you with several options for saving the video. You can save it as an MP4 file or a GIF file.

However, if you’re looking to save the video as something else – such as an FLV file – you won’t be able to do that with Canva. This can be very frustrating for users who need the video in a specific format that Canva does not support.

Another issue with Canva is that it doesn’t allow users to save videos at higher resolutions than 720p. If you want your video to look crisp and clear on larger screens or projectors, this limitation can be particularly frustrating. Even if you upgrade to the paid version of Canva, you still won’t be able to save your videos at higher resolutions.

The last issue is that Canva doesn’t provide users with any editing tools for their videos. This means that if you want to make changes or add effects to your video after it has been saved, you won’t be able to do this with Canva – unless you upload the video into another editing program.


Canva is an amazing tool for creating beautiful visuals but it does have some limitations when it comes to saving videos. The inability to save in different formats or at higher resolutions can be very limiting for some users who need those features for their projects. Additionally, Canva doesn’t provide any editing tools so if you want advanced features like adding effects or making changes after saving the video, then you will have to use another program.