Can You Convert Figma to Illustrator?

Designing a digital project is often a complicated process that involves a variety of programs and tools. Among those, Figma and Adobe Illustrator are two of the most popular design tools used by professionals.

But what if you need to convert a project from one program to the other? Can you convert Figma to Illustrator?

The short answer is yes – it is possible to convert projects from Figma to Illustrator. However, it is important to note that doing so will require some manual work in order to recreate the same design in both programs. Additionally, it is important to understand that while the basic structure of a design may be preserved when converting from one program to another, certain features may be lost due to differences in formats.

When converting a Figma file into an Illustrator file, the first step is to export your Figma project as an SVG file. This will allow you to open up your design in Illustrator and begin making any necessary adjustments for compatibility with its format. You will then need to manually recreate any elements of your design which cannot be exported from Figma into SVG format, such as gradients or text effects.

Once you have recreated all of the elements within your design, you should save the Illustrator project as a .ai file for compatibility with other Adobe products or even for web publishing. It is also possible to save your file as an .eps or .pdf if you wish.


In conclusion, it is possible to convert projects from Figma into Adobe Illustrator – although this requires manual work in order recreate any features which cannot be exported directly as an SVG file. Once all elements have been recreated and saved in an appropriate format such as .ai or .pdf, then you can use and share your converted project with ease.