Can You Pay for Figma Monthly?

Figma is one of the most popular design tools available today. It has quickly become a favorite among designers, developers, and product teams, offering an intuitive and collaborative interface that makes it easy to create amazing designs. But with all the features and benefits that come with Figma, some people may be wondering if they can pay for Figma monthly.

The answer is yes! Figma offers several different pricing plans that allow users to pay for their subscription on a monthly basis.

The cost of the monthly subscription depends on the type of plan you choose – whether it’s the basic plan or one of the more advanced options. The basic plan allows you to access all of Figma’s features and tools for just $12 per month.

The other pricing plans offer additional features and benefits for larger teams or those who want more control over their workflow. For example, the Professional Plan offers unlimited projects, real-time collaboration, advanced version control capabilities, and more for just $45 per month. The Organization Plan is designed for large teams and offers even more features such as team roles and permissions, billing management, single sign-on authentication, etc., all at a cost of $144/month.

No matter which plan you choose, you can always upgrade or downgrade your subscription at any time if your needs change. Plus, Figma also offers discounts based on annual subscriptions – if you choose to pay annually instead of monthly you can save up to 20% off your subscription cost.


Yes! You can pay for Figma monthly by choosing from a number of different pricing plans that allow you to access all of its features and tools. And if you decide to go with an annual subscription instead, you can even save up to 20% off your total cost.