Is Figma Free or Paid?

Figma is a powerful design and prototyping tool for web and mobile applications. It is a browser-based software, making it accessible from anywhere with an internet connection. It is a great option for teams who need to collaborate on design projects in real-time.

Figma is free to use for individual designers, small teams, and startups. It offers unlimited cloud storage, access to the full library of plugins, and the ability to collaborate with other designers in real-time. It also has features like version control, which allows you to go back to previous versions of your designs easily.

Figma also offers a paid Pro plan that unlocks additional features such as unlimited art boards, unlimited cloud storage, advanced export options, and the ability to assign tasks to other users. The Pro plan also offers additional plugins and integrations with popular tools like Slack, Jira, Figma Mirror and more.

Overall, Figma is an excellent tool for designing user interfaces for web and mobile applications. The free version provides plenty of features for individual designers or small teams to get started quickly. For those who need more advanced features or need access to premium plugins, the Pro plan offers plenty of value.

Is Figma Free or Paid? Figma is mostly free with the exception of its Pro plan which unlocks additional features like unlimited art boards, advanced export options and more.