Can You Recover Deleted Figma File?

Figma is a popular software for designing user interfaces. It is used by many web and graphic designers, and it is becoming increasingly popular with companies as well. Unfortunately, it is not always possible to recover a deleted Figma file, as the data can be lost permanently.

If you accidentally delete a Figma file, you may be able to recover it if it was recently deleted. The first step is to check the ‘Trash’ folder in your Figma account.

If the deleted file is in there, you can simply select it and ‘Restore’ it back to its original location. This will restore the entire file, including all of the associated layers and components.

If the deleted file was not in the Trash folder, then you may still be able to recover it from an earlier version of your project. Figma automatically keeps track of changes made to a project over time, so you can use this feature to view an earlier version of your project that still contains the deleted file.

To do this, open your project in Figma and select ‘Versions’ from the top menu bar. From here, you can select any of the previous versions of your project that still contain the deleted file.

Another option is to use a third-party data recovery tool such as Recuva or Disk Drill. These tools can scan your computer for any files that have been recently deleted and give you an option to restore them. However, these tools are not always reliable and they may not be able to find or restore your deleted Figma files.


In summary, recovering a deleted Figma file can sometimes be possible if it was recently deleted or if an earlier version of your project contains the file. However, using third-party data recovery tools is not always reliable and may not always work for recovering Figma files.