How Do I Restore a Figma File?

Restoring a Figma File is a straightforward process, but it requires knowledge of the software and a few simple steps to complete. Figma is an online collaborative design tool that allows designers to create, share and collaborate on designs in real-time.

With Figma, you can quickly mockup user interfaces for websites, mobile apps, and more.

When creating designs in Figma, it’s important to save your work so that you can come back to it later. Fortunately, Figma automatically saves your work every time you make changes, so there’s no need to manually save your project. However, if something goes wrong or if you need to restore an earlier version of your design, then restoring a Figma file is the way to go.

Step 1: Open the File

The first step in restoring a Figma file is to open the file that you want to restore. To do this, log into your Figma account and navigate to the project page.

You should see a list of all of your files on the left side of the page. Select the file that you want to restore and click “Open File”.

Step 2: View File History

Once the file is open, click on “View History” at the top of the screen. This will open up a window which shows all of the previous versions of your file. You can scroll through this list and select any version that you want to restore.

Step 3: Restore File

Once you have selected a version that you want to restore from the history window, click on “Restore Version” at the bottom right corner of the window. This will bring up a confirmation window with two options: “Restore Version” or “Cancel”.

Choose “Restore Version” if you are sure that this is what you want to do.
Confirm by clicking “Yes” on the confirmation popup box and then wait for your restored version of the file to appear in Figma.


Restoring a Figma file is easy when following these steps. By opening up your project page and viewing its history window, selecting an earlier version of your design and confirming with “Yes,” restoring old versions has never been easier. With just these few simple steps anyone can easily restore their old projects in no time!