Can You View Figma Prototype on Phone?

Figma is a powerful and innovative tool for web and software development. It’s a cloud-based platform for creating user interfaces, prototypes, and designs.

It allows teams to collaborate on projects in real-time, and apply changes quickly. Figma also provides the ability to view prototypes on mobile devices, making it easier to test out designs on the go.

Using Figma’s mobile app, you can view your prototypes on any iOS or Android device. You can preview your design and interact with it as if it was a real app or website. This makes it much easier to spot issues with your design before taking it live.

You can also share your prototype with others for feedback or testing purposes. Simply share a link to the prototype, and they will be able to view it on their device. This makes collaboration with clients or colleagues much easier.

Figma also has an ‘Inspector’ feature which allows you to examine the details of each element of your prototype. From here you can adjust colour palettes, change sizes and margins, or even add interactions such as animations or transitions.

Overall, Figma is an excellent tool for prototyping, as it allows you to view your designs on mobile devices in real-time. You can easily share the prototype with others for feedback or testing purposes, as well as inspect individual elements of the design using the Inspector feature.

Yes, you can view Figma prototypes on mobile devices using the Figma mobile app. The app makes it easy to preview designs in real-time and share them with others for feedback or testing purposes. The Inspector feature also provides an extra level of control over individual elements of the design.