Does Canva Have Table of Contents?

Canva is a powerful online graphic design software for creating stunning visual content for print and web. It has a wide range of tools, templates, and elements to help you create beautiful designs quickly and easily. But does Canva have a Table of Contents?

The answer is yes – Canva does have a Table of Contents feature. This allows users to quickly navigate through their design project and see exactly what they are working on at any given moment. The Table of Contents also makes it easier to find specific elements or sections in the project by providing an organized list of all the components included in the design.

The Table of Contents feature can be found in the top right corner of the Canva workspace. Simply click on the icon to open up the list and scroll through to find what you need.

All elements, including images, shapes, text boxes, backgrounds, etc., will be listed in order from left to right along with their respective page numbers. This makes it easy to jump back and forth between different sections while creating your design.

Canva’s Table of Contents feature is incredibly useful for keeping track of your progress in a complex project or one that involves multiple pages or slides. With this feature, it’s easier to know exactly where you are at any time throughout your work process. Plus, it helps ensure that nothing gets lost or forgotten along the way!

Using Canva’s Table of Contents

To use Canva’s Table of Contents feature simply click on the icon located at the top right corner of your workspace and then scroll through until you find what you need. Clicking on an item from the list will take you directly to that element in your project so that you can make changes as desired.

Conclusion: Yes, Canva does have a Table of Contents feature which makes navigating through complex projects much easier and more organized than ever before! With this helpful tool users can quickly locate specific elements within their design projects without having to search through countless menus or windows.