How Do You Put a Picture in a Rectangle on Figma?

Adding a picture in a rectangle on Figma is quite easy. All you need to do is upload the image into the design tool.

Once the image is uploaded, you can simply click and drag the image onto the canvas to create a rectangle with the image inside it. The rectangle will automatically be sized according to the size of your image.

If you want to adjust the size or shape of your rectangle, simply select it by clicking on it once. You can then use the corner handles to resize or reshape your rectangle as desired. You can also move your rectangle around by clicking and dragging it in any direction.

If you need to adjust other attributes of your rectangle, such as its background color or border radius, simply click on it again. This will open up a panel containing all of its styling options on the right-hand side of your canvas. From here, you can make any adjustments needed.

Once you’ve made all of your adjustments, click “Save” in the top right corner of Figma to save all changes made to your design file. Your picture in a rectangle should now be visible on your canvas and ready for further editing.

Putting an image inside a rectangular frame on Figma is quite straightforward – all you need to do is upload an image into Figma and drag it onto the canvas. You can then modify its size and shape as desired, along with any other styling options available from within Figma’s panel. Finally, make sure to save when finished so that all changes are applied correctly!