Does Figma Desktop App Have Dark Mode?

Figma Desktop App Has Dark Mode

Figma is a popular design and collaboration platform used by many professional designers. As such, it’s important for the platform to keep up with the latest trends and features that users expect from their software. One of the most popular features in modern software is dark mode, which is why Figma recently released a dark mode for their desktop app.

The dark mode feature in Figma transforms the user interface into a darker theme, making it easier on the eyes while also providing an aesthetic appeal to the platform. This dark theme can be easily enabled or disabled by going into the settings menu of Figma and selecting “Dark Mode”.

Once enabled, all of the colors in Figma will switch to a darker tone with text becoming more visible against darker backgrounds. This makes it easier for designers to work in dimly lit environments without having to strain their eyes from bright colors. To further customize their experience, users can also adjust the brightness and contrast levels within the app itself which can help make text even more legible when working in dark environments.

Aside from these visual improvements, dark mode also helps improve battery life in devices that use OLED displays, as less power is needed to show darker colors compared to lighter colors. This means that users who are on-the-go can get more out of their battery life while still getting full use out of their design software.

Overall, dark mode is a great addition to Figma’s desktop app as it makes it easier for designers to work comfortably in dimly lit environments while also conserving battery life on mobile devices. It’s a great way for users to customize their experience with Figma and make sure they get the most out of their design software.

Conclusion: Yes, Figma Desktop App does have Dark Mode available for its users which helps them customize their experience within the platform while helping conserve battery life on mobile devices at the same time.