Does Figma Work With Sketch?

Figma and Sketch are two of the most popular tools for web, app, and interface design. They both offer powerful tools to create designs that are visually appealing and user-friendly.

But which is better? Does Figma work with Sketch?

Figma is a browser-based design tool that enables designers to collaborate in real-time on the same project. It offers a range of features such as vector editing, layer manipulation, and advanced selection tools. Figma also allows users to share files with other users through the cloud.

Sketch is a desktop application for macOS that offers powerful vector editing capabilities. It’s optimized for creating complex interfaces, but it can also be used for creating illustrations, icons, and other types of graphics. Sketch also has an extensive library of plugins that provide added functionality.

Both Figma and Sketch offer excellent tools for designing websites, apps, or interfaces. Figma’s collaboration features make it easier to work with multiple team members on the same project while Sketch’s extensive plugin library adds extra versatility.

Does Figma Work With Sketch?

The short answer is yes – Figma can open native Sketch files (with some limitations). Additionally, there are plugins such as Avocode that allow users to export designs from Figma into Sketch. This makes it possible to collaborate between both platforms while maintaining a consistent look and feel.


Yes – Figma does work with Sketch in some cases. While there may be some limitations when opening native Sketch files in Figma or exporting designs from Figma into Sketch, these issues can be overcome by using plugins such as Avocode. Ultimately it comes down to personal preference as both platforms offer excellent tools for interface design.