Is Figma Compatible With Sketch?

Figma and Sketch are two of the most popular design tools available today. Both offer a range of features that make them desirable for graphic designers, web designers, and UX/UI designers. But one of the most important questions is whether they are compatible with each other.

What Is Figma?
Figma is a cloud-based vector graphics editor, which makes it an ideal choice for collaborative projects. It offers features like vector artboards, grids, components, and layers. It also has a live share feature that allows users to collaborate in real-time with other Figma users.

What Is Sketch?
Sketch is another popular vector graphics editor that runs on Mac OS X. It’s been around since 2008 and has become known for its intuitive interface and powerful features like artboards, grids, shapes, text styles, symbols, and more. Unlike Figma, Sketch does not have a live share feature for collaboration.

Is Figma Compatible With Sketch?
The short answer is no – Figma is not compatible with Sketch. That said, there are services available that allow you to export your designs from one platform to the other.

For example, Zeplin allows you to export your designs from Figma to Sketch (and vice versa). There are also plugins such as Avocode that let you export designs from both platforms into code.


In conclusion, while Figma and Sketch are both popular design tools used by many professionals in the industry they are not compatible with each other out of the box. However with services such as Zeplin and plugins such as Avocode you can export your designs from one platform to the other giving you more flexibility when working between them both.